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Loss Adjusting 

Our surveyor's  licence are granted by IRDA, Govt. of India and rendering services for  all of the department portfolio of the general insurance in India.

We provide loss adjusting services with maintaining the data available from the human resources, O E M standard, Material safty data sheet ( MSDS), Research article of SAE ( Society of the automobiles Engineers, PRA ( Paint Research Association), ISO and Grade IETE standard, Strategic Risk Management data, Data of different Environtal protection Authority (EPA), and giving opinion smooth hassle free report with quatification of liability which will not cause for hiking of the insurance premium / product / concept to enable to avail the insurance practice in India for any class / section /parts / portion of the society for upliftment of living standrad in a befitting manner.

Risk Management

High way safty analysis, Insurance Pre-acceptance inspection for adjusting the premium amount, endorsement, exclussion, exception, evaluating the risk.

cars on a highwayOur personel are well qualified for risk investigation, risk evaluation with well know support of risk management software and statistical analysis of the risk.

Accident Reconstruction 

Accident reconstruction from the spot inspection

carWe perform :-

Motion Analysis from the drag scratches of the spot inspection.

Calculation of Momentum, Vault, Projectile, Signal elevation and time, distance, speed analysis, V Delta Analysis, Computerised simulation of imapact analysis e.t.c